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We drove a hydrogen-powered Hyundai around London and DIDN’T crash

We drove the auto as a feature of an activity called ‘A Streetcar Named Hyundai riding, shooting and taping every one of the 2,005 miles of the focal lanes of London over 50 days – in an auto that emanates only water!

It couldn’t be any more obvious, that is the upside of hydrogen-controlled autos. Without attempting to be excessively specialized, fuel ignition turbines that create power to run wastefully. Battery-controlled electric autos get their juice from coal power plants-smoldering, in spite of the fact that it is much cleaner than gas and diesel fuel (particularly diesel) controlled autos, yet they proceeded with creation of CO2 along the line.

Hydrogen energy component autos are fundamentally the same to electric autos, they keep running on batteries, yet as opposed to charging a battery from an electrical outlet, it is put through a substance response in the power module.