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We drove a hydrogen-powered Hyundai around London and DIDN’T crash

We drove the auto as a feature of an activity called ‘A Streetcar Named Hyundai riding, shooting and taping every one of the 2,005 miles of the focal lanes of London over 50 days – in an auto that emanates only water!

It couldn’t be any more obvious, that is the upside of hydrogen-controlled autos. Without attempting to be excessively specialized, fuel ignition turbines that create power to run wastefully. Battery-controlled electric autos get their juice from coal power plants-smoldering, in spite of the fact that it is much cleaner than gas and diesel fuel (particularly diesel) controlled autos, yet they proceeded with creation of CO2 along the line.

Hydrogen energy component autos are fundamentally the same to electric autos, they keep running on batteries, yet as opposed to charging a battery from an electrical outlet, it is put through a substance response in the power module.

Nissan is making an electric car that doubles as a renewable energy hub

Disclosed at the yearly meeting of the 21st United Nations on environmental change, another organization in the middle of Nissan and multinational vitality organization Enel plans to convey keen framework innovation to Europe sooner rather than later.

The idea driving the innovation bases on the utilization of the most recent adaptation of the customary underground electrical system, known as the Smart Grid. Nissan proposes making a sort of harmonious relationship between the system and another rush of electric autos. Known as Vehicle-to-Grid, the procedure vitality used to charge to see the auto you can not then be conveyed to different ranges, fundamentally transform your bicycle into a moving vitality center point.

Nissan says it all in regards to giving control of the force back to the customer. “Our clients are no outsiders to incredible quality, with the Nissan LEAF by driving the amazing cost of three pennies for every kilometer,” remarked in a late official statement. “Presently, with the presentation of Smart Grid innovation, we can say riders ready to control their vitality blend – . Support more noteworthy utilization of renewable vitality and offers critical monetary prizes for the individuals who move to power”

The declaration comes hot on the heels of another uncovered by the automaker as a service station later on – an idea that the organization’s vision for the utilization of clean vitality and more proficient in a profoundly ergonomic site. The venture will likewise organization, Nissan accomplice with regarded engineers Foster + Partners (who already worked at Apple Campus).

Ford opens new super high-tech wearables lab

Portage has declared that it will open another exploration research facility can be worn in Dearborn, Michigan – offices that are planned to investigate the likelihood of associating vital data about wellbeing in vehicle innovation, for example, street Keeping Assist. What does it mean? All things considered, utilizing your SmartWatch, the auto will have the capacity to see when you sleepy and assume control driving for you for some time, for instance. On the other hand, if the driver’s pulse increments with expanding movement, versatile journey control vehicle or Blind Spot Information System will build the separation between vehicles – give the driver some breathing room.

Talking about the new Automotive Wearables experience labs (to give it its full name), Gary Strumolo, worldwide chief for vehicle outline and Infotronics, Ford Research and Advanced Engineering let us know: “As more customers grasp brilliant watches, eyewear and wellness groups, we trust that the future application that influences this gadget in the vehicle and driver capacities intentionally advance. ”

He proceeded with: “Wearable innovation is incorporated with the vehicle considering more precise biometric information for gushing constantly and effectively cautions the driver-help framework to be more touchy if indications of driver attention to wellbeing or bargained.”

Portage thinks the capacity to watch and wellbeing information including circulatory strain, glucose and heart rate through versatile innovation can likewise advantage semi-independent driving capacities measure.

What’s more, dress items lab looks at how drivers utilizing semi-self-ruling capacity of the prerequisites may be to take back control of the vehicle signals. In the event that there is roadwork or mischances ahead, a circumstance where a man in the driver’s seat, the innovation can send vibration heartbeats or chimes, or even initiate blazing lights on the dashboard.

What’s more, the research facility is taking a shot at voice control work so you can open and begin your auto by method for a secret word, for instance. Slick. What’s more, professionals additionally beavering ceaselessly on better approaches to offer autos to us -, for example, VR experience (think virtual test drive) at the dealership.

How Ford uses feather dusters to paint your car

This is the spot where the new Mondeo and other vehicle makers, including Galaxy and Transit Connect. Manufacturing plant Valencia is one of the best qualities of Ford of Europe and is a noteworthy operation – the plant will give around 400,000 autos this year.

Around 100 autos are hanging in the balance each hour (one like clockwork) – here you can see them experience a last review before they escape the work environment.

The visit around our processing plant in a shut toe shoes steel, it rapidly turned out to be clear how everything was dangerous. Every model is delivered on a solitary generation line, which implies that each vehicle going through generously the same procedure, whether it is a dedicated van or Mondeo Vignale-so. Vignale Ford Mondeo identification at the premium end of the value scale – each auto had 100 hand control fit and wrap up.